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Customized to Meet Your Needs

Done for You Setup | 2 Weeks or 4 Weeks

When it comes to operating your business, you deserve to have a system that works for you, and not you for it. If you’re ready for an expert to elevate your client experience, automate repetitive tasks, and organize key processes, the Done for You Setup allows you to free up your time while I take care of all the work!

Done with You Setup | 4 Weeks

If you like to be hands on when it comes to your business operations, this option gives you the chance to do so at a lower cost with ALL the guidance as if I was doing it for you! You’ll gain access to a CUSTOMIZED Dubsado course led by me, to map out how to set your Dubsado up in 4 weeks or less. You’ll also have access to 30 days of support via Slack to communicate with me if you need additional guidance.

Other Services

Virtual Assistance

Need someone to manage your Social Media? Design a simple website to show your products/services? How about manage your email marketing or inbox? If any of these or something that isn’t listed is something you’re currently struggling with, let’s see how I can help or direct you to where you can receive the help you need!

Strategy Session

If you’re a bit stuck in where your Systems are (or Dubsado), need someone to help talk you through an ideal client experience, troubleshoot a workflow that doesn’t make sense, or just need guidance on what systems make the most sense to keep your business operating and organized, this 90 minute session is great to so just that!

Services Guide

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