Meet Camille

He must increase, but I must decrease.

John 3:30 KJV

Hey, I’m Camille! Not Clarice!

Before I tell you a bit more about me and what I do, let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room…

“If your name is Camille, who’s Clarice?”

A tribute to my maternal Grandmother, Clara and paternal Grandmother, Bernice, I chose a name that would reflect the strength I hoped to embody when carrying out the journey of entrepreneurship with nothing less than a servant’s heart. What better way than to combine those two names when thinking about those very things.

…so hey!

With my passion of administration, organization, and service, I started a business where I could be in partnership with dope business owners who needed someone to help clear off their virtual desk!

Think of me as the wingwoman of systems!

Project based tasks are something I’m very passionate and skilled in!

I love helping business owners take charge back over their lives when they learn they aren’t in this journey alone! I know all too well that sometimes, we just want to focus on the delivery of our product or service and NOT the logistics of keeping our business running.

Long story short, if you need a CRM (Client Relationship Management) Software like Dubsado…I got you. Things like automation, contracts, proposals, invoices, consultation calls, and more can be handled in that ONE platform!

You need someone to handle your social media management for a few months so your business can get the buzz it deserves? I got you.

No matter what it is, if I can help, we’ll work through it together. If I can’t, we’ll figure out what may be a better alternative.

Let’s chat!

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